Here we go again .

by Billy cotton, Here we go again ., 1962

  • Project: Raising a family
  • Location: West Haven, United States
  • Sector: Education and Youth
  • Professional Designation: Personal Endeavor


So I’m going to tell one of many failures I have had when raising my family . first we start at our child’s birth , nothing is easy when raising your child , so we start off with all the right foods , proper clothing , and education . for me it started off easy , the main thing was having family around to help when the going got tough , we cruzed threw middle school with the usual problems , but kept moving forward . Then came highschool , another tough part of growing , the teenage years , I can write a short story on the things to teach your teenagers so your life will become easier in your golden years , I made to many mistakes to list them all . Now life is hard , even doing every as right as possible still won’t make raising kids easy , but when they get to adulthood , you should be able to breath a sy of relief. Now here we go again is the best way to describe what happened to our lives after the second hurricane swept threw our home and made us homeless . The storm that hit one year earlier did not put us on the street , but the second one did . Now years had passed since my son was born , he was a teenager now , most of my friends and family were either gone from this world , or moved far away , so when it came time for me to look around for some help , I was all alone , now I was always a hustler , never a quitter , so I did what ever I could do to put a roof over my family’s head , I used every resource possible to try to keep it as normal as possible . now for three years I struggled to keep it together , and did a good job considering I was only making minimum wage . well that’s where I went wrong years earlier .Because when the house we were living in went into probate court , my landlord passed away , and his wife and six kids had no where to go , it put us back on the street , now with no family left , and all my resources used up years earlier , I had no where to turn , and don’t believe it when they say there’s help from the state you live in , that takes years . So here we are again , homeless , living anywhere we can , and the only thing I’m concerned about is my teenager , whom I should have saved every penny I made years before he was born , for unforseen disasters that happen . so looking back you need to save as much as possible when your young , and never think you can depend on friends or family , it just doesn’t happen , now a days everyone has to many problems , so plan for your future now , and you will be good , never put off till tomorrow , what you can do today . so at ends note , here we go again , one day at a time , thank you ,


Save from your earliest days living , education is most important , and keep friends and family as close as possible .


Select three phrases that describe this failure.

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  1. Jazmin says:

    I imagine how hard it has to be in that time, but i recognize you are a really good mother and nobody is born with knowledge i think is something you acquire. It was a placer to can read your short but powerful story, continue to be that strong, i will like to help but i am just 16. but here is my comment hope you like it and hope your family is still doing good inside of a home.

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